Midnattsol and Manner Schnitten – Travel diary Risøyhamn/Andenes

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Friday, 15th June, 2018: 00:00

Since Hurtigruten was not leaving before 1:30, we still had more than enough time to enjoy the midnight sun in Tromsø and walk around the harbour. (If I say „we“, then I mean myself and my one and only travel buddy Viktoria, who has already accompanied me for all the journeys we have been on this year and therefore also joined me for the very last one:))


1:30 Boarding the gigantic ship, which was awaiting us in the harbour, was an experience itself. (I had only been on ferries so far, so staying on a ship where you’d actually stay over night was something new and exciting to me.) However, as au pair can also be referred to as „au poor“ – you’re so right Justine – the 800kr (around 80€) for the 9-hour-boat ride itself were expensive enough and we decided against spending another 100€ on a small ship cabin. (I mean if it’s not getting dark at night – the ship’s called „midnatsol“ for a reason after all – what’s the point in sleeping at all?) So we made ourselves comfortable on one of the sofas in the public seating area and were surprised that, after the laughter of the people who were having a few drinks before going to sleep had disappeared, we two were the only ones who still seemed to be awake. Okay, I have to admit that the „staying up all night“-thing didn’t work out 100%, but I guess it was not until around 5a.m. that we finally fell asleep.



8:30 (?) When I opened my eyes after those few hours of sleep, I noticed that the previously empty sofas and chairs around us were suddenly filled with (mostly elderly and German speaking) people chatting and having breakfast. – All of them looking quite relaxed and fresh while I was convinced that, just telling by how miserable and sleepy I looked, most people might have thought that I hadn’t slept at all in days. #wokeuplikethis #sorrynotsorry

10:45 „Risøyhamn“! We had reached our destination, so it was time to go off board again.

The rain welcoming us was not the most pleasant thing ever, but we were more or less well prepared and headed to the supermarket in order to buy some food before we made our way to the place we were staying at. Our hosts were lovely and so was the house, but since we were really unlucky with the weather and still kind of tired from the previous night, we spent most of the time inside the house. Actually, it was not until the evening (and the sound of party music closeby) that we left the house again… But that’s a whole other story which I won’t be sharing here on my blog, sorry.:D

Saturday, 16th June, 2018

While the weather conditions had rather deteriorated than improved, at least Viktoria and I felt a bit better than on Friday, since the beds were definitely more comfortable than the sofas on the ship. (Just noticed that I’m basically talking about sleeping all the time? Sorry^^)

Anyways, in the afternoon we left our nice accommodation and took the bus to Andenes, which was further North. On a side note: in case you’re taking the bus at some „not so touristy place“ in Norway, then please make sure to inform yourself where and when exactly the bus leaves. And you should also talk to the bus driver and let him know where you have to get off the bus if you have no clue where you are. The reason why you could get in trouble is that Norwegians don’t really invest into bus stop signs, let alone actual bus plans… I can’t really blame them for that though, since it’s usually only the locals who take the bus (if there are any tourists, they’d rather rent a car or take a taxi, but you know we’re au poor, so that’s why those things were not an option for us^^).


Actually the only VISIBLE bus stop in Risøyhamn!

However, we surprisingly managed to get to Andenes without any bigger difficulties and also there our apartment topped our expectations. Still bad luck with the weather, so the short walks to the supermarket, the restaurant and the club were all the movement we got that day. (I’m just realizing how boring our journey must sound for you until now…)


At least the food was good since the weather was not… (The restaurant’s name is “Arresten”, by the way!:)


When you only took one pair of shoes with you… Well, but why should that stop us from going to the club?

Sunday, 17th June, 2018

A glimpse of sunshine! Actually not only a glimpse but a whole lot of it! FINALLY!!! Since we kind of had to make up for all the hours we had spent inside (in front of the TV or in bed) the previous 2 days, we spent the whole Sunday outside!:) No, in contrast to 99% of the tourists who come to Andenes, we didn’t go whale watching… Instead, we were walking along the beach and through the city and really couldn’t get enough of that landscape. – So we obviously had to take hundreds of pictures ^^





What made our day even better was the fact that we met an Austrian travel group by coincidence (heard them talking in a familiar dialect, so we simply had to say „Hi“ to them) and they were so kind that they even gave us Manner Schnitten (Austrian chocolate wafers)!!!! I mean how cool is that?


So all in all we enjoyed our Sunday a lot and by the end of the day there was no space left on our phones since we had taken so many pictures – and I’d like to share a couple of them with you! Yes, we had a lot of fun taking them, we really did!


Hæ? Wait, what do you want me to do?


Wanna be Instagram yoga model with a cardigan hanging over her face


Well, I wonder how all that sand got into my hair… Do you maybe have an idea?^^


We’re au pairs, so we’re allowed to use school playgrounds, aren’t we?:D

Monday, 18th June, 2018

Time to leave again! The journey lasted almost the whole day though. – In case you’re interested in the details (even though I’m pretty sure you’re not): at 8:45 we took the ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord (Senja), where we almost spent 4 hours. They have a really cute second hand shop in Gryllefjord, which you should definitely check out if you get the chance, otherwise there’s not that much to do there except for walking around a bit. Then we took the bus to Finnsnes, bought some dinner there and later took the „Hurtigbåt“ back to Tromsø where we arrived at around 7:30p.m. and where our trip came to an end.


Well, even though I’ve undoubtedly written „better“ travel diaries – or at least travel diaries with a bit more action and activities – I hope I did not bore you too much and you like the pictures just as much as we do!

Ha det bra,





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